A Lesson In Branded Mobile Apps, The Virtual Zippo Lighter For iPhone & iPod Touch

Now that branded mobile applications have become all the rage as of late, we can look back on one particular mobile app that has far exceeded the expectations set forth, and take a few lessons from it.

Now ubiquitous with the iPhone & iPod touch platforms, The Virtual Zippo Lighter developed by skyrockit (formerly Moderati), is celebrating its seat of over a year and half in the App Store.  The app has now surpassed 10 million downloads and retains its place as the most popular branded app to date.

Since its inception in the App Store, the Virtual Zippo Lighter has remained in the Top 10 Free Lifestyle apps and is becoming as integrated into pop culture as its physical counterpart.  To build on its perpetual momentum, skyrockit and Zippo are implementing new features including offering users in-app purchasing of premium, licensed skins in more than 72 countries around the globe, and a host of additional upgrades.

The Virtual Zippo Lighter, which brings the look and feel of Zippo’s iconic lighter to the iPhone, has become a global phenomenon and ranks in the Top 20 iPhone apps of all time, according to Comscore, and has been profiled in publications including AdAge, Wired, and MediaPost.

“For owners of the Zippo windproof lighter, one important attribute is ‘what the lighter says about me’ and, for more than 75 years, Zippo has continually offered new designs, logos, and brands,” said David Warfel, Director of Global Marketing. “We’re thrilled to be able to extend those selections to the virtual Zippo lighter as well.”

The app was the first foray into branded mobile applications for Zippo, and even though it was helped by being in the App Store from day one, it’s solidified itself as one of the most successful implementations of a branded mobile app to date.