A Good Sign for iSIGN Media’s Proximity Marketing System

A Good Sign for iSIGN Media's Proximity Marketing SystemA good thing is getting better.

iSIGN Media Solutions, a provider of interactive mobile advertising solutions, is touting what it calls its latest “competitive advantage” over Beacons.

The company’s Smart Antenna technology has “expanded its commercial lead” over iBeacons and apps by adding the ability to confirm offer redemptions by retailers’ point-of-sale systems.

According to a provided statement, final active trials of the solution will begin next week with existing and new Smart Antenna clients and trials in North America.

“Measurements of impressions in traditional advertising media is pure guesswork compared to the Smart Antenna’s ability to count actual viewers,” says. Alex Romanov, Chief Executive Officer of iSIGN.

“In addition,” Romanov adds, “we now have the ability to count actual redemptions in-store, thus closing the loop between advertising and point-of-sale devices and, as opposed to apps, our solution does not require the surrender of any private and personal information, such as name, phone number, email address, etc. whatsoever, as is required when you use app-driven Beacon products.”