A Corus of Advancements for Native Advertising

Corus announced announced ahead of the weekend at FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week that it has partnered with Sharethrough, a leading native supply side platform, to launch a new native advertising offering across all of its online properties.

Through this new partnership, Corus will be able to offer dynamic video and display formats that match the visual style of natural content and remain consistent with the native user experience, resulting in a “less disruptive audience experience than traditional display ads.”
All told, the partners are high on the potential of native ads.

For brands, native advertising has shown to be a significantly higher impact ad unit, looked at more often than banner ads, attracting more visual attention, with greater brand lift and purchase intent, according to research done by Sharethrough and IPG Media Lab.

“Corus continues to lead the industry in ad tech and next generation advertising solutions, and this new offering expands on our capabilities to enable advertisers to reach Corus’ premium audiences in an integrated, customized and automated way,” said Greg McLelland, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at Corus. “We now have the ability to create customized ad units that offer a seamless experience to users and fit the exact needs and requirements for each campaign.”