A Boon To Mobile Commerce, Amazon Now Sells Over $1B Per Year Via Mobile Devices

On the heels of Amazon announcing impressive sales figures for the Kindle following a rather hefty price cut and the fact that Kindle books now outsell hardcovers, the company today announced that customers are now ordering more than $1 billion worth of products per year via mobile devices.

The company has made a valiant effort in terms of giving mobile users access to its products — launching apps for the iPhone, Android devices, the iPad and Blackberries — and the attention has definitely paid off.  “The leading mobile commerce device today is the smartphone, but we’re excited by the potential of the new category of wireless tablet computers,” said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a statement.  “Over time, tablet computers could become a meaningful additional driver for our business.”

The company has seen major traction with its recently introduced iPad-optimized version of its iPhone app, and now offers Kindle on every major platform in addition to bringing Amazon Payments to third-party mobile apps.  Amazon Payments is the company’s PayPal alternative, which should be well placed in its growing mobile strategy.  The underlying message here is that consumer willingness towards mobile commerce and making purchases via mobile devices is higher than ever, signaling a shift that’s been long awaited.