A Big Year for Mobile Marketing in The Hispanic Community

Since I was first given the privilege of blogging for Mobile Marketing Watch, I have been very mindful of mobile marketers targeting new and more diverse audiences. Today, at the onset of a new year, it’s clear that the Hispanic audience will be a primary target of some of the largest mobile marketing campaigns in the works.

As an article in the new AdAge magazine reports, Hispanics, the country’s largest and fastest-growing ethnic minority, are becoming a “sought-after target for mobile advertisers as brands connect the dots between the group’s receptiveness to advertising and its heavy mobile usage.”

Until now, telecommunications and automotive advertisers have been the primary sellers to Hispanics through the mobile channel, but other categories are coming on board. As it now stands, brands including Continental Airlines, General Mills, Sears, Kmart and Tag Heuer will be working in the first quarter to launch Latino-centric mobile campaigns.

“Marketers now have significant Hispanic investment objectives written into their plans,” said Eric Bader, managing partner of Brand in Hand, which has executed Hispanic-targeted campaigns for major consumer brands.

The advantage for marketers is that Hispanics are particularly receptive to receiving pitches. According to the AdAge piece, 6% of Hispanics interact with text-messaging campaigns vs. 3% of non-Hispanics. Mobile ad network Quattro averages about three page views per user but well over four on its Hispanic network.

Many marketers expect rising incremental budgets as brands look to integrate mobile into Hispanic-centric campaigns. Ad network JumpTap predicted Hispanic-centric campaigns would quadruple this year, with revenue increasing at least 20% in the segment.

For anyone interested in the full discussion of mobile marketing to the Hispanic audience, check out the new AdAge Magazine.