• Opera Acquires Rival Skyfire, Ending Mobile Browser Rivalry

    Nothing effectively ends a mobile browser rivalry like an acquisition of one competitor by the other. On Friday, Opera Software confirmed it has acquired mobile browser rival Skyfire Labs, an emerging leader in mobile video optimization and cloud solutions for mobility. Skyfire, however, is primarily known for its Rocket Optimizer software. Skyfire currently counts three …   Read More

  • “Historic Demand” For iPhone Flash Content Brings Down Skyfire Browser In Five Hours

    Turns out Flash content is still top on the list of demands for iPhone users, as the newly minted Skyfire mobile browser — which just hit the Apple App Store this morning — has already been taken down after seeing “historic demand” and crippling loads to the company’s servers just five hours after launch. The …   Read More

  • Skyfire Coming On Strong, Will It Emerge A Winner?

    There’s been healthy competition recently between makers of so-called “full Web capable” mobile browsers from the likes of Opera, Mozilla and others, but who will come out on top once the dust settles? Skyfire, a mobile browser we’ve kept our eyes on for a while...

  • Skyfire Out Of Beta With 1.0 Mobile Web Browser

    Skyfire has been a leader in mobile browsers for a while now, and yesterday marked the long-awaited release of the 1.0 version of it’s full-Web enabled browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. The key difference with Skyfire remains the ability to support popular Web standards and plug-ins such as Flash 10, Silverlight 2, Ajax and …   Read More

  • Full-Web Mobile Experience From SkyFire

    Since the iPhone has revolutionized the thought of a full-web experience on mobile devices, other companies and software makers have been hot on its heels to bring the technology to other devices. SkyFire, a new startup out of Mountain View, has introduced their version of...

  • Fiksu Debuts “FreeMyApps” Solution to Help Paid Apps Grow Revenue via new Traffic Enrichment Layer

    Fiksu, a company known for developing the industry’s first “mobile app user acquisition platform,” today announced a new product aimed at providing U.S. developers and marketers of paid iOS apps a new, scalable solution to cost-effectively market and grow their businesses. Dubbed “FreeMyApps,” the new solution was designed to help developers and marketers “overcome the …   Read More

  • Spotlight On Full Mobile Web Browsing In Barcelona

    A big theme this year at the Mobile World Conference has been an emphasis on full-web capable mobile browsing, and for good reason.  Not only is it key in the advancement of mobile devices, but also key in the development of mobile advertising. In addition...

  • The Growing Importance Of Mobile Analytics

    Any kind of media advertising requires the use of robust analytics to understand user-behavior and to better plan for future growth, and mobile advertising is no different. Actually, it’s perhaps more important than traditional web-based metrics, given there’s more information that needs to be understood about mobile users over PC-based users to make informed decisions. …   Read More