• JAGTAG Acquisition WTF?

    The following is the weekly guest series by Derek Johnson, Founder & CEO of mobile marketing company Tatango. You can text him at (206) 334-4012 or email him at derek@tatango.com. When I first saw the title of the press release last Thursday, “Augme Technologies Enters Into Agreement to Purchase Assets of Mobile Marketing Pioneer JAGTAG“, the first …   Read More

  • Augme Acquiring Mobile Marketing Pioneer Jagtag

    Another acquisition in the mobile marketing space was unveiled today. Augme Technologies – a leading provider of mobile marketing solutions – has signed a definitive Asset Purchase Agreement to acquire Jagtag, Inc., a privately held mobile marketing “pioneer” based in Princeton, New Jersey. Jagtag, of course, is will known for its solutions allowing consumers to …   Read More

  • Jagtag Extends Mobile Marketing Platform with QR Code Solution

    Jagtag is receiving no shortage of praise this week for expanding its mobile marketing efforts through a new QR codes solution. The well-known mobile marketing services provider and mainstay in mobile 2D barcode advertising is actively pushing “QR Codes Powered by Jagtag,” which enables all consumers, regardless of phone type, to receive multimedia content. Until …   Read More

  • Amstel Light Taps JAGTAG for Mobile Marketing Campaign

    Venerable imported light beer maker Amstel Light is teaming with JAGTAG, the US-based firm specializing in mobile 2D barcode advertising, to launch the beer brand’s first ever mobile marketing campaign. The campaign coincides with the fifth annual Amstel Light Burger Bash at the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Food & …   Read More

  • Jack Daniel’s, JAGTAG Target Revelers

    Drunk texting can be a good thing. At least, that’s what Jack Daniel Distillery hopes. The purveyor of the Jack Daniel’s brand of whiskey has launched a mobile marketing campaign using 2D barcode service providers JAGTAG. “Back Jack” combines the aspects of different types of mobile marketing: It’s kind of game-like, in that there’s a bit …   Read More

  • JAGTAG To Engage Moviegoers Nationwide With Interactive 2D Barcode Integration

    Whether you love or hate the idea of 2D barcodes, JAGTAG is steadily making a case for mainstream success using the medium.  The company is integrating its technology left and right, and has now partnered with NCM Media Networks to offer cinema advertisers a new way to interact with movie audiences using mobile devices. Using …   Read More

  • JagTag Creates One Of The Most Successful 2D Barcode Campaigns To Date, Over 100,000 Mobile Engagements

    Whether you agree or disagree with the state of mobile barcodes in the U.S., there’s still massive potential for the concept if carried out effectively.  A perfect example of which is JagTag, a unique device-agnostic 2D barcode solution that works through MMS rather than mobile apps. The company, which we’ve covered numerous times in the …   Read More

  • JAGTAG Tapped For Advertising Age Annual Digital Issue

    JAGTAG has garnered a lot of attention recently with its interesting take on 2D mobile barcodes.  Whether you agree or disagree on the viability of barcodes in mobile marketing, JagTag is on to something. The startup’s technology was further validated yesterday with the integration of its 2D barcodes in the new Advertising Age Annual Digital …   Read More

  • JagTag Partners With T-Mobile & Sprint, Now Available To 90% Of US Mobile Subscribers

    JagTag, a mobile barcode startup that’s gaining traction in the US, has announced that it’s added T-Mobile and Sprint to the list of wireless operators who carry its solution, meaning together with AT&T, Verizon and Alltell, it’s now available to nearly 90% of US wireless...

  • JagTag Debuts New 2D Barcode Technology That Requires No Special Software

    2D barcodes have a lot of potential, especially in the realm of mobile marketing, but a major roadblock for widespread adoption in the U.S. remains device limitations- mainly the fact that users are required to download special software to their devices to utilize the technology,...