• Greystripe Debuts New “Ad Booster” Mobile Ad Units to Drive Relevance & Targeting

    Mobile advertising network Greystripe has announced some innovative new mobile ad units focused on making the experience more relevant, targeted, and “app-like” for mobile users. The new ad units, or “Ad Boosters” as they’re called, allow for both industry-focused and social ad units.  The industry-focused units drill down to a specific, targeted vertical for things …   Read More

  • ValueClick Pays $70 Million for Mobile Ad Network Greystripe

    On Monday, ValueClick announced it’s latest acquisition. For the hefty price of $70 million, ValueClick has acquired Greystripe, a well-known and thriving brand-focused mobile advertising network. According to the formal announcement of the acquisition, the purchase will provide ValueClick immediate scale in the US mobile advertising market, a $1.1 billion market that is expected to …   Read More

  • Rich Media Mobile Advertising Provider Greystripe Expands To Europe

    Greystripe, a provider of rich media mobile advertising solutions, today announced they’ve expanded services into Europe through partnerships with European ad networks. Preceding the announcement, Greystripe said it’s already run over 50 campaigns with marquee brands across every European country, including the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.  In Germany, for example, Greystripe …   Read More

  • Greystripe CEO Calls Q4 The “Blowout Quarter For Mobile Advertising,” Predicts 600% Growth

    Greystripe CEO Michael Chang is calling the last quarter of 2010 a “watershed moment for mobile advertising,” saying his company predicts 600% growth in year-over-year bookings for Q4. Gearing up for the holiday shopping season, Greystripe is seeing interest in the mobile channel beyond anything seen in previous years.  In particular, retail, automotive and consumer packaged …   Read More

  • Greystripe’s Newly Launched Mobile Web Ads Outperform Static Display Ads By 136%

    A couple weeks ago, we reported on Greystripe releasing their unique rich media ad-units for the mobile Web, using proprietary “Lightning Technology” to turn ads built using industry standard Flash tools into HTML5.  Today, the company announced the new ad-units are already outperforming static banner ads by an impressive 136 percent in terms of click …   Read More

  • Greystripe Brings Rich Media Ad-Units To The Mobile Web, Becomes Truly Cross-Platform

    Greystripe, a leading rich-media mobile advertising provider, announced today that it’s bringing the same formats available for mobile apps to the mobile Web as well, becoming truly “cross-platform” in the process. The company is best known for its “iAd-like” rich-media formats that utilize Greystripe’s proprietary “Lightning Technology” to turn ads built using industry standard Flash …   Read More

  • Who Needs iAd, MobilityWare Claims $300K Monthly Revenue Using Greystripe

    Mobile app monetization is big business these days, with more and more reports circulating about developers and the mounds of cash they’re earning on free apps.  While iAds hasn’t exactly gotten off to a great start, other rich media mobile ad-networks are chugging right along with reports of highly successful campaigns that emulate the same …   Read More

  • Greystripe Announces 5-Day Campaign Turnaround To Those Angry Over iAd Delays

    On the heels of advertisers expressing frustration over long delays associated with Apple’s tight control over iAd, Greystripe has announced a 5-day turnaround for rich media mobile-ad campaigns on its network. Greystripe uses a proprietary method for delivering Flash-based creatives as iOS-compliant HTML5 to the iPhone and iPad, creating rich media ad-units that rival what …   Read More

  • Greystripe Continues Massive Expansion, Now Integrates With AdMob-Owned AdWhirl

    Greystripe today announced a new partnership with AdMob-owned AdWhirl to enable app-developers to incorporate Greystripe’s banner ads, including its popular “iAd-like” Immersion Ads. Using the AdWhirl SDK, developers will be able to simultaneously integrate Greystripe and other mobile advertising networks, while optimizing for maximized revenue...

  • Greystripe Sells Out Mobile Advertising Inventory For Third Consecutive Month

    For the third consecutive month since Apple announced iAds, Greystripe has sold out of its similar rich-media mobile ad inventory, according to a press release issued this morning. Over the same three-month span, Greystripe’s advertising inventory from applications on iPhone and Android devices has more than doubled- proving increased interest in cross-platform, interactive, rich media …   Read More