86 Percent Of iPad Owners Prefer Seeing Advertising In Exchange For Free Content

While publishers rushed to the iPad in hopes of reviving revenue lost from traditional publications, it looks like consumers still prefer free digital content in return for advertising, at least according to a recent study.

The survey, conducted by online research company Knowledge Networks, showed that 86% of iPad owners said they would be willing to “watch” ads to gain access to free content such as TV shows or magazine and newspaper articles.  In addition, it was revealed that iPad users download an average of 24 apps, and of those, only six, or about a quarter of them are paid.

Roughly 13% of those surveyed said they were willing to pay a fee to watch a TV program or read a magazine on the iPad to which they already have access, and they are only willing to pay an extra $2.60 on average for that content.  “That was part of what was surprising,” said Knowledge CEO Simon Kooyman.  “Not as many people are willing to pay for magazine or news content than we thought they would.”

Also interesting was usage statistics for the iPad, with the survey showing the most commonly used feature is search, with 97% of people saying they regularly use Google on the iPad, followed closely by web browsing and email at 91% of regular use.  Media apps, however, are used at a much lower rate, with 70% of people saying they regularly read books on the iPad, 66% for music, 61% for reading magazines and newspapers and around 50% who regularly watch TV or movies.