83% Of Brands Clueless About Mobile Campaign Performance, 27% Don’t Use Analytics

Though a rush is on for brands to engage with mobile campaigns these days, it’s becoming clear that many are neglecting to acknowledge some of the most important aspects of running successful campaigns- namely campaign analytics and overall campaign performance monitoring.

Bango today published a new report in which it reveals that 83% of brands don’t use mobile specific analytical tools, leading to inaccurate data on campaign performance.  Of the few that said they do implement some form of campaign analytics, only 17% said they’d sourced a specialised mobile solution designed to measure mobile user behaviour accurately and consistently, while a surprising 27% admit to not implementing any analytics in their mobile campaigns whatsoever.

Any true marketer, whether engaged in mobile or not, should understand the vital role analytics play in overall campaign performance.  Bringing users into your campaign is only the first part, knowing what those users do after they click is the only way to better understand your audience and to gain valuable insight to better your overall campaign.

“The positive from this data is that mobile marketing is in growth mode, at a time when other forms of advertising are being squeezed hard,” said Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango.  “Yet 8 out of 10 of those surveyed do not take the essential step of implementing mobile analytics to capture accurate user data.  Accurate and comprehensive reporting is what will drive brands to focus more on their mobile marketing campaigns.”

Bango surveyed over 100 participants in a webinar run in late 2009, including brands, agencies and specialist mobile providers to better understand their use of analytical tools in mobile campaigns.  While over 90% of these brands said they will increase their mobile advertising investment in 2010, it’s clear they need to take a closer look at their mobile strategy to make sure all basis are covered, especially in terms of analytics.