80% of Small and Medium Sized Businesses Will Invest in Mobile Marketing This year

By the end of 2011, approximately eight in ten small and medium-sized businesses in the United States will pony up and invest in some form of mobile marketing. …

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By the end of 2011, approximately eight in ten small and medium-sized businesses in the United States will pony up and invest in some form of mobile marketing.

As the findings of a new survey conducted by Borrell Associates reveals, 83% of respondents either plan to invest or already have invested a portion of their yearly marketing budget into the mobile channel.

A majority of respondents admit that mobile marketing now captures at least 20% of their total marketing budget for the year.

“It’s fascinating the way this is evolving, and that small businesses are getting on board so quickly with mobile,” Kip Cassino, author of the report, tells ClickZ. “Historically the small guys wait until the technology gets cheaper and the roadmap is a little more clear; that’s how it was with online. These guys aren’t waiting. They’re plunging in, and for the most part they’re doing so without many metrics.”

The emergent popularity of “daily deals” is seen as a powerful if not primary source of inspiration behind the small business community’s escalating investment into mobile marketing and its myriad tools.

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    It's not even close to 80% it's more like 7% of small to medium size business have invested in some form of mobile

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    That number seems high. I am not sure that 80% of small and medium businesses WILL be investing in mobile marketing, but they definitely should. If any business really questions whether they need a mobile strategy all they need to do is count the number of people they see walking around with their cell phones in hand – often glued to their heads!

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    80%? I don't know about that, but I think the point is that the costs for small businesses to invest in Mobile Marketing are so low that the only thing that may keep them from participating is convincing them that really need it.

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    With the smartphone being a real consumer technology, it is not surprising that small business owners who are also smartphone users see the potential. Although I am really skeptical of the 80% figure, mobile will be a great way to reach and constantly engage customers especially if you are a physical business.

    Compared to the Desktop, mobile is probably a better medium for less involvement purchases like food, groceries which is the domain of small businesses.

    Mobile can also the glue that can tie outdoor advertising, TV, newspaper together by being the measurable response channel.

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    I'm a skeptic. ""Over 80 percent of small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. will invest in mobile marketing activity of some sort in 2011"
    I don't believe 80 percent understand what "mobile marketing activity" means! I don't know what Borrell's definition of it is either.

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    Businesses aren't waiting like they did when the web first hit, second adoption curves are always much quicker. Look at iPod vs. iPhone, iPhone vs. iPad, etc. Web and desktop was just the first iteration, and businesses saw themselves getting burned when their competition stepped up in a timely manner.