77% of Mobile App Purchasers Worry About The Apps They Buy

77 Percent of Mobile App Purchasers Worry About The Apps They BuyA series of new surveys commissioned by SOASTA – a provider of cloud and mobile testing solutions – questioned American adults about their concerns when buying mobile apps, and the issues developers face with testing apps before they are released.

Harris Interactive conducted the online survey while uSamp polled information technology specialists and mobile app developers.

The results of the consumer study show that 77% of consumers who purchase mobile apps have concerns that would prevent them from buying a mobile app.


The findings suggest that developers are not doing enough to ensure a high quality user experience for their apps that reach the market.

Results from the developer study suggest that developers are craving cost-effective, efficient, and easy to use software to aid in the mobile app testing process, while consumers want higher quality apps.

According to the consumer study, the concerns U.S. consumers who ever buy mobile apps have that would prevent them from buying a mobile app include:

  •     Bugs (58%)
  •     Crashes (57%)
  •     Performance (48%)
  •     Speed (32%)
  •     App does not respond to gestures or swipes (30%)
  •     Other (10%)

According to the developer study, the primary reasons developers cited as reasons for not testing apps include:

  •     Cost (51%)
  •     Time (51%)
  •     Absence of a good Freemium solution (36%)
  •     Hard to learn testing software (33%)
  •     Lack of testing skills at their companies (20%)

“User experience is top of the agenda in mobile today, and by taking an automated cloud-based testing approach and understanding your audience better with real user monitoring, developers can make sure their apps are ready for prime time,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO.