75% Of New Mobile Apps Launch With Avoidable Bugs

75 Percent Of New Mobile Apps Launch With Avoidable BugsWhen mobile apps are created, there’s usually a mad dash to get it to market as soon as possible.  Doing so without thoroughly testing, however, can result in bugged software that should have been easily avoidable, according to a new report from Mobile Distillery.

Mobile Distillery, who runs a center for mobile app and mobile Web testing, states that 75% of apps that go to market have very avoidable bugs in them that should have been fixed if proper testing and emulation processes were followed.

The company notes that as mobile phones are increasingly in touch with the real world through technologies like Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers and NFC, emulators and remote testing devices are less efficient in covering all real-world use cases.  Many developers do not realize how far emulators can be from real phone performance, pointing out that emulators do not emulate bugs.

The company knows what it’s talking about too, it setup a center dedicated solely to testing mobile apps and content directed at the mobile Web five years ago to help companies save money by testing thoroughly instead of wasting funds correcting them after the fact.  The stat of three-fourths of mobile apps going out the door with bugs intact is based on the past five years of data from its center.

“Based on our experience with many companies and developers creating and offering mobile apps across a wide range of handsets, unfortunately all too often these apps aren’t tested in advance,” says Mobile Distillery CEO, Jean-Philippe Bechade.  “At best, end users report bugs they have experienced; at worst,  they just live with the bad brand experience.   This can not only damage the company’s revenues, but also ruin the customer relationship.”