71% Of Companies Don’t Track Mobile Traffic…

As unbelievable as that sounds, a survey by Omniture shows that nearly 71% of companies do not track mobile-based traffic to their websites- with half admitting to not even knowing how many unique users visit their sites from a mobile device.

We’ve stated how important it is to have a viable mobile presence, especially now, but to not even know the traffic coming in from mobile devices is downright embarrassing. Â Traffic stats and analytical data are key in forumulating a plan to optimize a mobile website, and with today’s consumers using mobile faster than ever, companies who don’t participate are losing big time.

“This intelligence from mobile traffic can be used to optimise website content for mobile users and fine tune mobile marketing efforts. These activities will help to keep visitors on the site longer, which can help to increase conversion rates,” stated Neil Weston of Omniture- speaking of the study. Â

Companies could very well be counting traffic that comes from mobile devices as traffic coming from traditional sources, which negates the whole reasoning behind website analytics in the first place. Â If a company figured out that a significant portion of visits are coming from mobile devices, they could formulate a plan to optimize their mobile website to convert those visitors instead of having no idea what’s going on.

It’s an impressive statistic, but then again, overall “mobile readiness” or the lack thereof has always surprised me.