70 Percent of Developers Are Not Happy with App Marketing Options

70 Percent of Developers Are Not Happy with App Marketing OptionsMobile app developers want more from their marketing resources. And, for starters, they want more – and better – options.

A new report from AppFlood finds that a majority of developers are not clear on the benefits of different mobile marketing channels.

This lack of clarity and trust in ad network providers is blamed for the starling reality that 70 percent of developers are frustrated with the current state of app marketing.

The findings of AppFlood’s survey into developer attitudes toward mobile app marketing and advertising were published Tuesday.

71 per cent of all respondents expressed the view that ad networks often exaggerated their eCPM (effective Cost Per Thousand impressions) claims. Overall, medium-sized developers are the most dissatisfied with the eCPM claims of ad networks, with over 80% citing they felt that eCPM figures were exaggerated, versus 70% of small developers and 60% of large developers.

In terms of how developers choose which advertising company is the best fit for their app launches, cost is not the most important factor.  It ranked only third in developers’ order of priority.

“Instead,” AppFlood reports, “the most important factor to almost half the developers surveyed was their ability to trust the advertising partner to deliver effective results at a reasonable price, with many different advertising networks, formats and mechanisms contributing to a sense of confusion as to which approach is best.”

To learn more about the findings of the survey, check out AppFlood’s website here.