70% of All Tablet Shipments Claimed by iPad

The evidence of Apple’s dominance in the tablet space just keeps growing.

On Thursday, IDC reported that the iPad now claimed better than 68% of all tablet shipments in the second quarter of 2012.

Apple shipped 17 million iPads in Q2, besting the 9 million units shipped last year during the same quarter.

“The vast majority of consumers continue to favor the iPad over competitors, and Apple is seeing increasingly strong interest in the device from vertical markets–especially education,” said Tom Mainelli, research director of mobile connected devices at IDC. “Apple built upon its strong March iPad launch and ended the quarter with its best-ever shipment total for the iPad.”

IDC noted in its report, however, that increased competition could take its toll on the iPad’s tablet dominance over time.

“In addition to major new products from Amazon and quite likely Apple, we can also expect an influx of Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT-based tablets starting in late October,” said Bob O’Donnell, program vice president of clients and displays at IDC. “If anything, there is a real risk that people will have too many options to choose from this holiday season.”