$6 Million Mobile Marketing Venture Announced

mobileadhand.PNGThe booming business of mobile marketing can be credited with many impressive achievements, not the least of which is bringing together companies and individuals united behind the potential of this practice.

This week, Mobile Media Unlimited Inc. and Guardian Angel Group Inc. announced a $6 million joint business venture intending to deliver “targeted marketing campaigns” through the proprietary text-messaging system pioneered by Guardian.

Like many others, I was eager to learn of the financial details of this partnership in hopes of studying the inner workings and strategies of a large scale mobile marketing venture. Unfortunately, few specifics have been announced. It is known, however, that Mobile Media, which asserts it can “provide access to more than 300 million opt-in mobile contacts,” will snag a reported half of all the revenue generated by its clients under the hush-hush terms of this developing deal.

According to the official press release, the SMS marketing effort will “capture permission-based e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers,” and then later use this database of interested customers for future e-mailing and instant messaging of digital coupons or other yet to be determined electronic discount offers.

“For the first time it is possible to directly target messages to individuals in real time regardless of where they are located,” said Anthony Sasso, founder of Mobile Media. “We believe that this ability to connect instantaneously with consumers will change the face of direct marketing and advertising.”

To that end, one of the most powerful components driving this exciting new direction of marketing and advertising campaigns is the growing eagerness among countless businesses (large or small) to join forces, pool resources, and share in the riches of successful mobile marketing.

According to market researcher Informa Telecoms & Media, advertisers will spend more than $11 billion by 2011 on mobile marketing.