5th Gen iPad Entering Production Soon, Says Report

5th Gen iPad Entering Production Soon, Says ReportAccording to the latest chatter out of the far east, Apple’s next generation iPad may soon enter production.

Although it remains altogether unclear as to when Apple will refresh its iPad mini, Digitimes reported Monday that the fifth-generation iPad could be released as soon as this September.

In addition to the Retina Display, the new tablet features a slimmer bezel design to allow a bigger viewing area, while the number of LED tubes used for the device has been reduced from two to one, and battery longevity is also improved.

Industry watchers believe it’s likely that Apple will also consider a hardware upgrade for the iPad 5’s internal chip.

Given that the latest technology in Apple’s iPad is the A6X chip, the next iPad could get an A7 or A7X chip. The upcoming iOS 7 firmware upgrade brings a lot of new features, animations, and functions to iOS that improved hardware would undoubtedly compliment.

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