50 Million Reasons To Appreciate Mobile Broadband

Congratulations are in order.

According to the GSM Association – the global trade group for the mobile industry – the number of worldwide subscribers using Mobile Broadband (HSPA) networks has hit the 50 million milestone, an increase from just 11 million one year ago at this time.

And as it seems, we’re at the beginning of the boom, not the end. Global uptake of HSPA technology among consumers and businesses is accelerating, indicating continued traffic growth for high-speed mobile networks worldwide. The analyst Wireless Intelligence expects the number of HSPA connections to be growing by 4 million per month by the end of this year. Without question, this milestone represents a major achievement for HSPA and serves as an undeniable confirmation that it will be the dominant mobile broadband technology for the foreseeable future.

The number of operators with commercial HSPA networks has reached 191 and there are now over 740 HSPA-enabled devices, including mobiles, dongles and notebooks, available from 116 manufacturers.

“These figures highlight the global success of Mobile Broadband and the fact that we are continuing to see greater and greater economies of scale,” says GSMA CEO, Rob Conway. “This is driving down the cost of devices and equipment and enabling more and more users across the world to enjoy easy access to media-rich services anywhere at any time.”