4INFO Growing By Leaps And Bounds, Acquires “Butter” To Enter App Market

4INFO is a company known to most consumers as a provider of SMS-based alerts and information, such as sports scores and other quick-burst data messaging, but in reality the company has grown into a full fledge mobile media company offering mobile advertisers a robust platform to reach an enormous mobile market.

The company recently announced the acquisition of another mobile media company called Butter, Inc., a startup specializing in unique mobile application ad solutions, which will help 4INFO provide access to a  “full spectrum of mobile solutions with a single point of contact, delivering the highest per interaction value in mobile,” the company said yesterday in a press release.

Butter came on strong in its relatively short existence, and through a robust suite of mobile optimization tools, has placed itself front and center in the mobile media world with big-name clients such as Coca-Cola and Energizer on its roster.  “This acquisition creates great value for brands seeking to reach consumers at every point of mobile contact,” said Timothy Price, CEO and co-founder of Butter. “Creating a comprehensive suite of mobile media solutions will increase return on investment for advertisers, and allow for cross-channel marketing campaigns that reach the greatest number of mobile consumers.”

4INFO is trying to expand beyond SMS and display ads to offer the advertisers it works with more options in terms of reach, and mobile apps were the next logical step.

Thet was interviewed by TechCrunch yesterday and explained the acquisition in greater detail, as well as his company’s plan to continue acquisitions to maintain its forward momentum.  Enjoy.