4INFO Boasts 2,000 Percent Growth In Mobile Display Ads, Now Reaches 75 Percent Of The Mobile Web

4INFO today announced some impressive growth figures for 2010, indicating the company has grown the number of mobile display ads served by almost 2,000 percent over the past year.

In addition, the company said the mobile Web display portion of its “Mobile Audience Network” now has a reach of more than 69 million unique users, which represents roughly 75 percent of all US mobile Web users, according to Nielsen.  Expanding agreements with existing SMS publishing partners as well as increased interest from brands in cross-mobile channel campaigns attributed to the massive growth, according to the company.

“It has been a remarkable year for us as we continue to grow and lead in the mobile advertising space through the offering of full spectrum campaigns,” said Zaw Thet, CEO, 4INFO.  “We have been able to provide our ad partners with truly best-in-class ad campaigns with integrated ad management and optimization.”

If you’re not familiar with 4INFO, the company maintains an integrated mobile ad-serving platform called “AdHaven” which offers intelligent audience and behavioral targeting on mobile devices.  The platform focuses on display advertising and is the only ad server on the market to provide integrated ad management and reporting for SMS alongside mobile Web, applications, and video.