46 Percent of UK Consumers Make Purchases on Smartphones, Says New Survey

46 Percent of UK Consumers Make Purchases on Smartphones, Says New SurveyA Ranking Solutions study of 600 UK consumers discovered that 46 percent of them had made a purchase on a smartphone device in the period immediately preceding the survey.

“This confirms government statistics too which found that 74 percent of adults in the United Kingdom had made a purchase online, although they also included desktop access to making a purchase, too,” a report summary provide to MMW reads. “This rampant increase in mobile spending is largely attributed to increasingly tech-savvy consumers and the prolific rise of the internet.”

There’s another thing this information suggests, too: businesses of all sizes need to leverage this opportunity as soon as possible.

“Mobile marketing entails a number of unique opportunities for new businesses,” researchers explain. “And these opportunities require expert advice and insight in order to make the most of them. For instance, effective mobile advertising requires a mobile responsive website which is fully optimized to ensure that users on smartphones and other mobile devices are able to use the site with ease.”

In other words, in the world of mobile, half measures no longer work.

“Bulky, chunky interfaces on mobile phones can delay purchases or enquiries due to a lack of accessibility. And in many cases, business is lost.”