3Seventy Launches SaaS-based Multi-Channel Platform to Allow SMBs to Leverage SMS, Mobile Apps & the Mobile Web

It was announced today that 3Seventy, a company specializing in mobile CRM solutions, has launched a brand new SaaS-based enterprise mobile solutions platform targeted towards small to medium sized businesses.

The new platform, dubbed “3Seventy Local,” is designed to bring enterprise-level mobile solutions — including targeted SMS messaging in addition to mobile Web and mobile app solutions — to smaller organizations at truly affordable price points.  The company realized a larger issue in that advanced mobile solutions have been largely out of reach to smaller organization due to cost.

With a dead-simple user interface, the new platform was designed to allow users to create advanced mobile campaigns in only a few short steps — allowing them to “compete in the mobile space within minutes,” according to the company.

We’ve seen many mobile platforms go to market with the goal of simplifying mobile campaign creation using multiple channels, but most fail in terms of user experience, pricing or lack of crucial features such as reporting.  3Seventy Local provides one of the most comprehensive solutions we’ve seen so far that’s targeted at the SMB market.

“We see many big brands and advertising agencies realizing the importance of a mobile strategy as consumers begin relying on mobile as their primary means of engagement,” said Carrie Chitsey, Founder and CEO of 3Seventy.  “Until now, custom strategies and solutions were out of reach for many small businesses due to high cost or limited knowledge of mobile strategy.  We have built the technology to be very easy to use and we’ve developed industry templates, training tools, best practices and everything a small business needs to create and execute mobile solutions.  Our goal with this new product is to remove barriers, educate and help small businesses reach their goals.”

Monthly packages to access the new platform start at $64.95 per month, and the company is currently offering a free trial of the platform during its introductory phase.  In addition, new users can receive $50 off set up fees by entering discount code “SET50” at checkout through Friday, November 4, 2011.  Much more info can be found here.