360WiseMedia Aims to Make Social Media Marketing Affordable

Social Media“We need to change the way the media is fed. The 360WISE brand and 360WiseMedia are dedicated to disrupting positive change within the small business sector and beyond,” said Robert Alexander Chief Executive Officer of the 360Wise Brand and Network in the company’s announcement this week.

360Wise targets the lack of social media influencers within the small business sector due to under delivery and over pricing.

Powered with positive advice from businessman, tech investor, fashion and hip hop icon MC HAMMER, 360Wise aims to make social media marketing affordable and accessible to recording artists and small businesses to help them gain and improve their visibility on social media sites.

“I believe most companies lack the understanding of properly leveraging the power of Twitter and Google. 360Wise Media has been blessed with many successful campaigns and affiliations with national and global leaders like McDonald’s and Coca Cola because of our strategic relationship with Emmy Award Winning Producer and Director of McDonald’s Gospelfest, Irving Street Rep, INC – CEO A. Curtis Farrow, as well as special consultations from Sony Music Vice President of Promotions Randy Franklin,” Alexander said.

Social media marketing has become an important part of building a strong foundation in today’s competitive market, the company says.

Businesses originally paid for advertisements in newspapers and on television, but the possibility of a viewer contacting the distributor was very low. With social media, viewers not only watch the advertisement but participate in it as well. Not all businesses, however, are taking full advantage of the power of social media.

“360Wise implements Thought Leadership and provides income resources for the sluggish US job sector by partnering with their clients to create exceptional digital experiences and big ideas,” the company says. “The 360Wise brand has created not only the 360WiseMedia platform which offers affordable mobile app development, organic SEO, and Influence Social Media Marketing. They have also created the 360WiseBiz platform which is free to join for marketers looking for an additional revenue outlet that include residual income.”

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