32% Of Smartphone Buyers Choose Android, Now Most Popular Mobile OS In U.S.

New data out from Nielsen suggests Android is now the top choice for new smartphone buyers in the U.S., with 32% of new smartphone purchases sporting the open source OS.

These numbers show Android has now passed both the iPhone and Blackberry, with 25 percent choosing the iPhone OS and 26 percent choosing Blackberry as their smartphone of choice.  The data sample, which covers a period that includes a full-month of iPhone 4 availability, shows Blackberry still holds the largest share of the smartphone market with 31 percent, while 28 percent of smartphone owners have iPhones and only 19 percent have Android devices.

What’s interesting is that the picture looked far different only two months ago when Nielsen issued a similar report.  In June, BlackBerry was selling 35 percent of the smartphones in the U.S. while Android was selling 27 percent and Apple was in last place selling just 21 percent.  Who knows how the race will look in another two months.  One thing’s for sure, Android will continue its stride to the top as more OEMs choose the open source (and free) OS to power their devices.