3 Tips For Promoting Your Online Storefront

3 Tips For Promoting Your Online StorefrontOnce you decide to launch an online storefront, you must invest time and energy letting your customers and target audience know it exists. There are many benefits to launching an online storefront, particularly the potential for expanding your reach globally or nationally. In a recent blog post the online and mobile payment processing experts at North American Bancard suggest the following tips for promoting your new online storefront.

Tip #1 Tell Your Current Customers

If you have a brick and mortar location and have just launched an online storefront, spread the word to your current customers. You can do this by verbally letting them know, posting signage in store, and announcing your new storefront in your newsletters and emails.

Tip #2 Spread The Word Online

There are a multitude of ways you can spread the news and market your new storefront online. This includes announcing your storefront on social media, in your blog posts, in guest blog posts, press releases, and paid for online marketing.

Tip #3 Get Out In Your Community

Getting out in your community is essential whether you are an online only business, or an online and brick and mortar business. When your prospective clients can connect a face with a name, they are more likely to consider you over your competition. This includes being active in local professional organizations, volunteering, and sponsoring local community events. The key to increasing your community awareness is being consistent in what you do. For example, find 1-2 events or non-profits that you work with on an ongoing basis.