3 Innovative Marketing Tips For Businesses On A Budget

3 Innovative Marketing Tips For Businesses On A BudgetIf you are a small business on a budget, you may be looking for some innovative ways in which you can market your business without breaking the bank. The marketing tips shared below by North American Bancard are ideal for local community marketing. When done right, these suggestions can generate a significant amount of buzz.


There is no denying that graffiti is a unique form of urban art. When done well, graffiti is a memorable way to deliver your message. Just ensure that you have the permission of the building or area you perform graffiti on. Even look for local graffiti contests or art showcases where your graffiti can be placed.

Post Posters

Some marketing trends never go out of style—and posting posters is one of them! Just make sure that your posters are visually appealing and well designed—so that they will be memorable. In other words, don’t focus too heavily on sales, but instead on finding creative ways to capture attention.

Do Something Unexpected

Consumers become immune to many of the traditional marketing methods—because they are everywhere they look. Instead of doing the expected, get creative and find an unexpected way to market your business. You could hang marketing materials on trees outside of your business, stage a flash mob, or stage a fake protest.

The marketing tips above can be taken in multiple directions, and customized to your brand or business. They will all fit into small budgets—and are innovative and out-of-the-box methods of getting your name out there.