2du Media Debuts Mobile Marketing Platform Centered Around Social Networking CRM & Customer Loyalty

2du Media Debuts Mobile Marketing Platform Centered Around Social Networking CRM & Customer Loyalty2du Media is a brand new 8-person startup out of Boston that’s taking the concept of comprehensive mobile marketing to the next level.  Its newly launched “2du Messaging Platform” is centered around business/customer communications that combines social networking with CRM backend features and loyalty concepts.

The company’s founder and CEO, Bob Ofenstein, describes the platform as “enabling business and customer engagement in real-time using mobile phones, email, microblogging and individual account portals.”

“One unique aspect of our system is that we have designed it to use state-of-the-art security technologies and ‘safe policies’ throughout so customers can engage with brands in a managed, family-friendly environment.” explained Ofenstein.  “In keeping with this design objective, our system is a secure and anonymous social network.”

Here’s how it works; customers register (and verify) their full contact details with 2du, but member businesses (and the public) only know them by their screen name and ID number.  By remaining anonymous, each member customer has full control of which brands can contact them, how they contact them, and when they contact them.

Customers can then safely opt-in/opt-out with thousands of businesses without worrying about information overload or identity theft.  Since no personally identifiable information is exposed, 2du shares detailed demographics and behavioral insights such as age, gender, approximate location, activity, category preferences, and more with member businesses.

The solution truly creates a win-win for everyone involved because customers get preferential service and money saving benefits, and businesses can more accurately present relevant offers.  It’s an interesting concept, and one that I think will do well once it gains some traction.  This is definitely one to keep your eyes on in the very near future.