21% Of US Wireless Subscribers Had A Smartphone By The End Of 2009, Up From 14%

Nielsen today published its latest “State of Mobile Apps” report in which a survey of over 4,200 consumers was conducted.  Among the findings was the fact that 21% of US wireless subscribers had a smartphone by the end of 2009, up from just 14% a year ago.

Of all phone users, 14% had downloaded a mobile app within the last month, however smartphone users were consuming far more apps- reporting on average 22 apps on their devices compared to just 10 on feature phones.

Though largely unsurprising, users with iPhones reported an average of 37 apps per device, which is as many as the average number of apps on BlackBerry (10), Palm (14), and Windows Mobile (13) users’ phones combined and significantly more than the average Android user (22).

Like most surveys of this nature, which take into account a relatively small sample size, the results need to be taken with a grain of salt, but it does indicate Apple’s continued stronghold on the mobile app market.  I foresee, however, Android taking over the reigns in the very near future.