2013 Mobile Threat Level Will See Record High

MMW is usually thrilled to report about record numbers in the mobile realm – record smartphone sales, record mobile ad spend, record mobile adoption, etc. But this is one anticipated record none of us wants to see in 2013. Yet it could be a record each of us has to deal with and guard against.

According to a report publish Friday by the mobile security experts at Lookout, some scary predictions have been made as the company’s forecasts for the year ahead in mobile malware distribution methods, profit-making schemes and privacy threats.

In 2013, people will purchase more than 1.2 billion mobile devices, surpassing PCs as the most common internet access device in the world. Mobile platforms will continue to expand at breakneck speed, as people are forecast to download over 70 billion mobile apps in 2014.

Now here’s the scary stuff.

“Globally,” the company says, “we estimate 18 million Android users may encounter mobile malware from the beginning of 2012 to the end of 2013.”

Mobile spam, they say, will also increase in volume, become a growing nuisance, and “turn into a new threat vector.”

Lookout asserts that finding the right balance between protection and employee empowerment “will be the business challenge of 2013.”

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