15 Million Businesses Now Established on Facebook Pages

We all know that Facebook is a social network of more than one billion registered users, but Mark Zuckerberg and company rarely talk about the businesses that entrust their brands to a Facebook page.

This week, however, Facebook gave the world an informal update on business adoption of pages. Impressively, some 15 million brands now have Facebook pages, which is already substantially higher than the 13 million business pages that existed at the close of 2012.

These latest stats come to us by way of Facebook’s Director of Small Business, Dan Levy, who spoke at the Borrell Associates’ Local Online Advertising Conference in New York City on Tuesday.

Levy also revealed in his remarks today that the “Pages Manager” mobile applications (for iOS and Android) now have more than 8 million users, despite launching (on iOS) as recently as the fourth quarter of 2012. The app wasn’t even made available for Android until just this past January.

Is your business on Facebook yet? If not… why not?