1020 Placecast Location-Based Ad Network Growth Explodes

1020 Placecast’s sell is that it helps target audiences using cross-platform, location-based info online and via mobile tech annouced Friday that they tripled their publisher network to 250 partners in just six months. Since Oct. 2008, the company has collected over 250 Web publishers including Trulia and CBS Mobile Zone.

“More people are accessing local content on the internet making location-based targeting a compelling solution for publishers and the marketers that target their audiences,” said Alistair Goodman, CEO of 1020 Placecast.

Location-based advertising is set to take off, and everyone wants a piece of the action. The compelling mix of advertising and useful discovery helps the concept be so sticky. Earlier this month, JumpTap launched its own location-based advertising platform that lets marketers target ads on all sorts of criteria including content, location, demographics, wireless operator, publisher, and specific model of phone. Also this month, Limbo and Brightkite joined forces to focus on Location-Based Social Discovery. And this April, Millennial Media partnered with Wavemarket to work on location-based ads.

Placecast’s growth parallels the growth in location-aware services and location-based advertising. An ABI Research report from last fall projected that the LBS market would bring in $13.3 billion by 2013, a significant jump from the $515 million the industry earned in 2007.

“The data show that location-aware ads drive higher response whether online or in mobile” said Greg Sterling, Senior Analyst, Sterling Market Intelligence and Local Mobile Search. “But the enormous potential of location-based advertising has yet to be truly exploited by marketers large and small”