02 Media: SMS Marketing Still Superior to Mobile Apps

Although mobile apps are clearly all the rage, Shaun Gregory, the managing director of O2 Media, says it’s important not to place apps ahead of sound mobile marketing practices when it comes to utilizing the mobile space most efficiently in the promotional process.

Gregory advised firms to avoid the temptation of becoming wholly preoccupied with creating their own apps. Instead, he advised spreading one’s focus across a broad spectrum of opportunities in the mobile realm.

“Brands need to work out how apps fit into their wider mobile marketing strategy but many want to launch one before considering the alternatives,” Gregory told his audience at the FT Digital Media and Broadcasting Conference.

According to coverage of the event from New Media Age, Gregory revealed his view that applications “come into the advertising conversation far too early.” Rather, he offered, it’s vital to remember that traditional mobile marketing strategies like SMS marketing remain the most efficient and effective way to connect with mobile users.