Zynga Confirms Acquisition of November Software

Social gaming giant Zynga has confirmed on its website that the company has completed an acquisition of November Software, a mobile game studio.

In honor of the month of November, I’m proud to share an exciting update. The November Software team and I joined forces with Zynga a few months ago, and we’ve been busy working on a new mid-core mobile game.

As of this writing, the November Software team is preparing Battlestone, a game that supposedly represents “a new take on action combat for mobile.”

According to industry experts watching the development from a distance, the deal shows “Zynga’s determination to move into the ‘midcore’ market for mobile social games.”

The midcore market, Venture Beat describes, now “sits between the hardcore gamers who play on high-end PCs and consoles and the casual gamers who play mass market games with lightweight, short-duration content.”

“Midcore is about games for people like me who used to be hardcore gamers but don’t have the time anymore,” says Justin Cinicolo, the vice president of mobile at Zynga. “You can get a sense for depth and strategy in these games, but in five minute chunks. I’d love to play Halo 4 with my buddies, but we just have no time.”

To learn more about the deal and what it means for mobile gaming, check out what Zynga says about the development.

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