YouTube Giving Marketers Another Tool to Control Their Brand’s Image

YouTube Giving Marketers Another Tool to Control Their Brand's ImageYouTube is making great strides on its revamped commenting system, the newest feature of which was formally rolled out yesterday.

The new comment management page enables users to organize comments from one central hub. When it comes to businesses, brands, and advertisers on YouTube (and there are far more on there than you realize), this resource is hugely important.

Initially, users could manage comments from their YouTube Inbox, but when the company overhauled its comment system last fall, this setup was replaced with comment alerts. However, that feature was unpopular with users, so the company came up with the new comment management page — which is essentially like the old Inbox system.

“Staying connected with your audience is critical on YouTube, so we fast-tracked the development of a new comment management page that lets you see, respond to and moderate your comments all in one place,” YouTube engineer Patrick Doyle said Monday, according to CNET. “From this central page you can easily remove comments, flag comments for spam or abuse, give a thumbs up, or click over to the video watch page and reply.”

As the same report reiterated, YouTube comments are notorious magnets for unkind and unflattering comments. Thanks to the new tool, anonymous critics will have a mitigated voice.

“The new system now sorts comments so that users will see prioritized posts based on community-focused commenters and people in their Google+ circles,” the report reads. “Before the change-over, YouTube comments were simply sorted by the most recent post.”

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