Yahoo Looking for Brand Buddies for Its Launch of Tumblr-Based Content Marketing

Yahoo Looking for Brand Buddies for Its Launch of Tumblr-Based Content MarketingYahoo is on the hunt. The company is seeking brand launch partners for its latest slate of content marketing services for Tumblr. It’s all part of Yahoo’s plan to monetize that social network.

“The move will see the Yahoo and Tumblr teams work closely with advertisers to help plan and execute branded content experiences across the platforms, while also measuring campaign ROI,” according to Jessica Davies at The Drum.

This announcement trumpets the second major push from Yahoo to monetize Tumblr following its $1.1bn in acquisitions last year.

Yahoo launched native ad sponsorships for Tumblr in the U.S. during the summer.

“The rollout coincides with mobile native advertising research the company published today, revealing that Yahoo’s Gemini native ads are deemed “visually engaging” by 85 percent of people on its platform, meaning they actually see native ads when they are fed through the content stream,” notes The Drum.

Yahoo’s Patrick Albano, head of solutions at Yahoo, says the company is on the lookout for brand launch partners for the new offering, and will be scaling up its conversations with marketers beginning this week.

“Brands have had the same challenge for a long time, and it has probably got worse over time, but they need a way to develop content and to understand what audiences want,” revealed Albano. “New platforms are coming along all the time, and brands are trying to figure out the best way to communicate with people in all those different environments.”

Albano said Yahoo would like to be a one-stop-shop.

“The aim is to be a one-stop partner for brands to create, distribute and earn more distribution,” Albano noted. “Brands need help with their content marketing strategies – there is no consistency in terms of the experiences currently available, and we want to help with that.”