Word of Mouth Matters in Mobile Gaming

A new study from Applifier shows that the number one way mobile game players find the games they like is through good old fashioned word of mouth.

As you might expect, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean in-person discussion about mobile games.

Social media chatter, for example, counts as a form of digital world of mouth… and it’s very, very effective.

All told, 36% of users reported that hearing from a friend or family member was a major source of games. Additionally, 25% of users said actually seeing a friend or family member play a game was one way they found out about their favorites.

Reading user reviews was the primary way in which gamers discovered new must-have games.

Not surprisingly, video is having a huge impact on game discovery. 70% of users polled by Applifier say that they watched online video about mobile games in the last week and 45% of users said that watching the video inspired them to download a game shortly thereafter.

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