Who's the Big Kahuna in Mobile Marketing?

Who's the Big Kahuna in Mobile MarketingOn Wednesday, Kahuna announced what the mobile marketing automation company is calling a “significant expansion” of its platform.

Kahuna’s new AtoE Testing and Push Response Tracking tools serve up “unprecedented insights” into the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns, allowing marketers to “deliver the right message at the right time” to grow app usage and revenue.

“Until Kahuna, mobile marketing remained a multi-billion dollar mystery,” said Kahuna CEO Adam Marchick. “Our goal is very simple. We want to unlock that mystery so that companies can tap into mobile to engage, delight, and retain customers in a friendly and respectful way. We are building the Analytics that matter and the Marketing that works.”

Helping the company in its latest efforts is a healthy infusion of cash. Kahuna also revealed last night that it has secured $11 million in Series A funding from Sequoia Capital.

Sequoia partner Omar Hamoui, the founder of AdMob, has also joined Kahuna’s board of directors.

“Kahuna has developed a sophisticated solution for marketers, combining best practices with automation. It has leapfrogged every other vendor to create the gold standard in mobile marketing automation,” says Hamoui. “Adam, Jacob, and their team focused on applying innovative technology to one of the marketing industry’s biggest pain points — mobile engagement. The result has been rapid adoption by mobile leaders who understand what a substantial difference Kahuna can make in determining the success of mobile marketing efforts.”