Which Mobile Customers Should Mobile Marketers Target?

It sounds like a thought-provoking question that should cull data from the latest industry reports, studies, and surveys. But the answer may be surprisingly simple.

According to a new report from Forrester, only seven percent of adults should be off of a mobile marketer’s radar. Why? Because that’s the percentage of American adults yet to own a mobile device.

For the rest of this enormous segment of mobile users, all are fair game for targeted mobile ad campaigns. And luckily for the mobile marketers among us, Forrester analyst Melissa Parrish is breaking down the segment of American mobile phone users into five distinct categories: Talkers, Communicators, Connectors, Entertainers, and SuperConnecteds.

The good people at VentureBeat, who obtained the Forrester Report, delve into the categories here (I encourage you to check it out). But the most important takeaway from the report is clearly a reminder that we now inhabit a mobile world. And the mobile marketers that will experience the best results will be those who find the right target within the massive sea of mobile users.

According to Parrish, just because 93 percent of Americans own mobile phones, that doesn’t mean they are all valid targets for mobile marketing activities. In fact, quite the opposite. Only the SuperConnecteds — 48 percent of Americans — are the consumers you want to reach.

“These are the users you can engage through innovative and advanced mobile marketing programs,” Parrish says.

Do you agree? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below based on your experience or belief.