What Role Did Mobile Play on Election Night?

On Tuesday, the American people returned President Barack Obama to the Oval Office for a second term, following a hard-fought, close race with Republican candidate and former Governor Mitt Romney.

As expected, mobile devices played a critical role in how Americans followed the returns as they came in last night.

Today, Organic – a digital agency “connecting people with brands on every screen” – revealed several insights into how voters counted on mobile for news in the last 24 hours.

“People are increasingly embracing the act of enhancing normal broadcast events with complimentary information on their phones and tablets,” says Andy Blockno, Associate Creative Director at Organic.

His colleagues agree.

“I had cnn.com, foxnews.com, nytimes.com, Nate Silver’s blog, a wikipedia map of the electoral college, Facebook and twitter on my laptop, bouncing back and forth between the major network channels on the big screen,” adds Lori Jo Vest, Conversation Manager. “Then NBC called it. I value the entertainment of it all, but was rarely able to stick to one screen for too long or more than any one screen at a time.”

Independent business analyst and social media expert Mike Randazzo says once more information about last night’s media coverage comes in, mobile devices will be exalted as one of the most crucial pieces of information transmission during last night’s election coverage.

“Mobile was the big winner last night,” Randazzo says. “And the data that’s already trickling in is confirming that.”

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