What is Push Marketing?

Popular and pervasive, push marketing is commonly defined as a marketing strategy deployed by companies, entrepreneurs, or individuals to get their product or message in front of potential customers, particularly those who may not have requested the message or even be interested in the message initially.

Put differently, push marketing means to push a product into the buyer’s line of sight when they’re not already looking for it.

Push marketing efforts generally encompass a wide reach. From text messages (SMS marketing) to TV commercials, an immense variety of mediums today use an equally vast array of marketing strategies that employ some form of push marketing.

While some deride the strategy as “interruptive,” there should be no concerns for you or your message recipient as long as the push marketing efforts are handled appropriately and executed correctly. Consider, for example, Groupon. Many digital offers served up by Groupon are deemed entertaining and informational, despite what some may see as being little more than “pushy” adverts.

Push marketing is commonly considered to be most effective when a business needs to raise awareness for new or largely unknown products and services.

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