What does Apple have planned for September?

Historically, September is a big month for Apple and the mobile community at large.

Hosting annual events in September for the last few years, the ninth calendar month usually means some significant news or announcement from Apple.

And a lot of people are wondering if any major surprises are in store for Apple’s scheduled September 9th media event. According to numerous published reports, the company plans “to introduce its 2009 iPod offerings.”

But others expect more.

Will Steve Jobs appear? Will new products be unveiled? How many upgrades will be promised? And what will it all mean (if anything)for mobile marketing?

It’s enough to make one’s head spin.

For months, some Apple watchers have remained confident that September will mean the Nano and Touch will be upgraded with cameras and, naturally, the increased storage one would would expect to accompany such an upgrade. More likely, however, is an update to
iTunes. Rumors have swirled for a while that iTunes 9 would sport new visual organization features as well as Facebook integration and other social-networking attributes with mobile components.

Just as September is traditionally a big month for Apple, August tends to be a month when Apple is quiet, enigmatic, and utterly aloof. Since Apple hasn’t disappointed expectations for August, hopefully it won’t disappoint expectations for September either.

The countdown to 09/09/09 is on.