What Do Consumers Want? Email! When Do They Want It? Now!

emailmarketingBluecore, an industry leading customer experience platform, has just released a new report, “How Millennials Actually Want Brands to Engage with them.”

“Despite the assumption that most consumers – and particularly younger generations – favor brief interactions across social channels, the research found that more than two-thirds of consumers prefer brands to communicate with them via email, rather than through social media channels,” reads the report summary shared with MMW.

The overwhelming preference for email communications from brands was echoed across the Baby Boomer (73 percent), Generation X (71 percent), Millennial (62 percent), and Generation Z (65 percent) markets, according to the research. Furthermore, more than half of all the shoppers said smartphones are their primary devices for reading email.

“Email is not only alive and well, but it’s the preferred mode of communications between brands and their consumers,” said Jared Blank, Bluecore’s senior vice president of data analysis and insights. “This research shows that while there are many options for digital engagement today, retailers must focus on developing a meaningful and personal relationship with their very loyal opt-in email customers. There’s a wealth of data to be gathered and marketing information to be leveraged if email marketing is done right – and it’s more important than ever as email is ‘always on’ across a range of connected devices, being used both for online and in-store shopping.”

To learn more, check out Bluecore here.