Want Email Marketing Results? Then You Must Go Mobile… Now

Want Email Marketing Results Then You Must Go Mobile... NowThe mobile audience is more important than ever when creating email marketing campaigns. The fact is that over 50% of all email messages are now opened on mobile devices. Not only that but reading email now outranks phone calls as the most popular activity on smartphones.

Simply put, what this means is that marketers need to make sure that their messages are being built for mobile. With the kind of penetration that email now has, reaching mobile readers is now something that can make or break an entire email marketing campaign.

Below are 5 tips that can help marketers reach this new and fast-growing mobile segment of email readers.

Tip 1: Make your message easy to read and act on

Frankly, with so many things vying for their attention when they are using their mobile device (you know, like other people, the TV, work, etc.), email messages must be not only easy to read but also easy to act on using their mobile devices. If not, the email will either be ignored or, even worse, a user will unsubscribe.

Tip 2: Start as small as possible

It’s easier to first start building messages by way of designing a mobile email experience and then, once this has been conquered, work up to a desktop compatible version. The reason is that it’s easier to expand mobile designs to retrofit desktop content and also the fact that scaled viewing issues can be more easily avoided.

Tip 3: Use responsive email design

Simply put, mobile devices come in a wide variety of sizes. From Apple’s iPhone, to tablets with 10-inch screens, responsive email Design will allow your message to adapt itself to the screen size of any device. Some might argue that scalable design is a better choice, but responsive design will allow content to be modified so that it will be optimally viewed on all mobile screens.

Tip 4: Ask for the sale while your customer is still in their Inbox

We talked before about making it easier for users to act on your marketing message, and that includes engaging with them while they are still in their inbox instead of trying to drive them to another location on the web. This means that you need to provide enough details, copy and images in order to entice them to make a purchase decision right then and there, something that avoids barriers put up by slow load times, landing pages that aren’t mobile optimized, and readers that multitask.

Tip 5: Use templates

There are plenty of templates available that are well-designed and attractive as well as being ready to go on the spot. A mobile marketer can get going right away with mobile responsive templates that include, for example, video widgets that play in place as well as excellent calls to action.

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