Video Comes to Leading Self-Serve RTB Platform

Video Comes to Leading Self-Serve RTB PlatformThis week, SiteScout added online video to its real-time bidding (RTB) software.

SiteScout, a self-serve platform for programmatic ad buying, regularly sees 30 billion ad impressions each day. But it now accesses an additional 1.5 billion daily video impressions through integrations with top video SSPs and exchanges including LiveRail and SpotXchange.

We’re told that SiteScout can run in-stream video campaigns with pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll placements. Encompassing desktop, mobile and now video.

“Online video RTB is inaccessible for small and mid-sized marketers,” the company says, explaining that many ad networks and ad buying platforms for video ask for thousands of dollars in minimum campaign spend and do not provide insight on their technology.

Additionally, many firms that do offer self-serve technology for video don’t support other tactics like desktop or mobile RTB.

“Marketers have to log into multiple systems to run multi-channel campaigns, making it difficult to manage and optimize ad spend,” SiteScout adds, explaining that they have found a way to mitigate these challenges.

“Video can draw a visceral response from consumers in a way that a desktop banner or mobile ad may not. SiteScout wants to make online video advertising as easy as advertising on desktop and mobile,” said Matt Sauls, the company’s vice president of operations. “SiteScout makes it easy to combine the power of video with standard display tactics to create synergy across all major digital channels.”