Verve Mobile Addresses The State of ‘Location Powered Mobile Advertising’

On the eve of the State of the Union address, Verve Mobile is publishing a national address of its own. This one, however, pertains to the state of location powered mobile advertising.

A formidable name in location powered mobile advertising, Verve Mobile is now drawing some insights from its analysis of some 2,500 campaigns delivered on its mobile platform last year.

One pattern is consistent throughout the report, and it’s that mobile advertisers have grown more sophisticated than ever.

As 2012 progressed, advertisers began to get more sophisticated in their targeting approaches, leveraging more geo-fenced, geo-aware and location-based audience targeting. In 2011, only 17 percent of Verve campaigns were geo-fenced or geo-aware but in 2012, 36 percent of Verve campaigns leveraged geo-aware or geo-fencing strategies.

“Location is a big deal,” says Tom MacIsaac, Chief Executive Officer at Verve Mobile. “For the history of digital advertising we’ve basically been targeting on a few things, like content, cookie data and search. The big new data set mobile brings to the table is location – a data set that can be as important at inferring intent, demographics, audience segments and other attributes as any we have seen to date. And it brings genuine value to end users – helping them find products and services where and when they want them – a key attribute of the most valuable advertising mediums. This report demonstrates some important location trends that all marketers should consider as they continue to plan their 2013 initiatives.”

To read the full report from Verve Mobile, which is now available for download at no charge, click here.

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