Vertical Mass Banks $5 Million Series A

largeVertical Mass, a data management platform (DMP) and marketplace built specifically for the music, entertainment and sports industries, has just announced it has secured $5 million in Series A funding.

“The round was supported by investors Greycroft, Formation 8, Sierra Wasatch, Canyon Creek Capital, Magnetar Capital and the San Francisco 49ers,” a provided statement reads.

Out of the gate, Vertical Mass was quickly recognized for its ability to help both celebrities and brands understand and better market to their fan bases.

Since then, the company expanded its enterprise data management services to dozens of major franchises and companies. The success has benefited all parties involved as Vertical Mass clients rapidly monetize their audiences in ways impossible in the past and the company itself has earned millions in sales.

“Similar to how ESPN, HBO and MTV carved out TV verticals in sports, entertainment and music, we’ve built the same with audience data,” said Mark Shedletsky, CEO of Vertical Mass. “Marketers have always invested billions to align with these passionate, premium and valuable audiences. The same principles still apply — this shift simply represents the evolution of marketing from media to a data-first approach as it unlocks a much richer set of business uses and scale than media alone.”