Verizon Launched Mobile Accessibility App For Visually Impaired

Verizon Wireless today unveiled a innovative new offering for the carrier’s visually impaired customers.

All Verizon Wireless Android smartphones will be able to help customers who are blind or have low vision to perform ordinary wireless tasks in an almost effortless way.

“Mobile Accessibility is a suite of 10 accessibility apps,” Verizon says, “from speech recognition to text-to-speech technology, and offers customers who are visually impaired an innovative way to use their smartphones.”

The Mobile Accessibility suite features intuitive touch screen navigation, speech recognition and voice synthesis powered by Nuance’s Vocalizer text-to-speech technology. Braille output is also included.

“Customers get automatic access to all of the features once the app is downloaded and do not have to launch each app individually from within the suite,” Verizon says.

To check out more about Verizon’s new offering, click here.