Understanding The New Mobile Advertising Benchmarks

Understanding The New Mobile Advertising BenchmarksIn an effort to find out what forms of mobile advertising are truly the most effective, DG MediaMind created a benchmark study to measure the success of different types of interactive mobile banners and ads.

Their Mobile Performance Benchmarks report was produced by collecting data over a 12 month period beginning January 1, 2013. Researchers analyzed over 1000 mobile advertising campaigns, which resulted in over 2 billion impressions.

DG MediaMind found that interactive or expandable banners designed for mobile devices such as some strips, slides, adhesion banners, and pulls had a far greater effect and click through rate than standard “polite” banners. They found that the industries that create the most engaging and compelling mobile banners are the entertainment industry, the electronics industry and the automotive industry.

The report also showed that mobile-optimized marketing videos were more than twice as successful as interactive or expandable banners. Experts believe this has to do with the immediate access to the information web browsers are hoping to gain by watching a short video.

The industries that seem to be investing the most time, energy, and resources into mobile marketing are the entertainment industry and the news and media industry—both of which have been able to achieve 1.10%-1.21% click through rates. However, packaged goods, retail, and restaurants are gaining more recognition for their mobile advertising prowess. Some industries, such as telecom, have yet to create a strong mobile and even online presence.

The key to success is not just creating an engaging mobile ad, but in making it easy to share on social networks. Currently the entertainment industry excels the most when it comes to creating mobile ads that are easy to share on the reader’s favorite social networks.

Another factor for success is having images that resonated with the target audience and generated brand awareness at the same time. As more mobile users turn to their devices to stay up-to-date on anything from news and entertainment, to weather and retail sales, all industries across the board will need to invest resources in more forms of mobile advertising.