Twitter Working on Auto Translate Feature

The global popularity of Twitter is placing no shortage of demands on the microblogging platform to address the language barriers that otherwise prevent millions around the globe from interacting as freely as those who share a common language.

According to published reports Wednesday, the social network giant is said to be working on new features that would allow users to interact with tweets that reconcile language barriers.

In effect, Twitter is tweaking a new feature that will automatically translate tweets into a variety of languages via Bing Translator.

“A small percentage of users can see the option to translate the text of a tweet with Bing Translator as part of an experiment,” a spokesperson for Twitter admits. “We want to help people connect and discover what’s new — no matter where they are in the world or what languages they speak.”

Despite the prevalent usage of Twitter in the U.S. and the U.K., Twitter is quickly emerging as a leading communication tool in Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan.

For now, it isn’t clear when the auto-translate feature will be universally available across the Twitter platform. But it’s definitely coming.